About LTG Consulting

LTG Consulting is a Lifestyle and Business Design Consultancy.

We have a strong focus on efficiency and promoting attention to what is truly important. We create more time and resources for true priorities by identifying and removing waste and excess.

We work closely with our clients and have a strict policy of working with only a few clients at any given time so that we can practice what we preach, i.e. we aim to give our clients plenty of time, focus and undeniable value in every service we offer.

Our Consulting

We are uniquely placed to offer consulting in three very distinct and different areas, namely: 1-2-1 Consulting, Small Business Consulting and Corporate Consulting, having extensive experience in all three markets.

We offer a confidential and professional service and we care about the success of our clients and potential clients so much that if we don’t think we are your best option we will tell you that and recommend alternatives if we can.

Deliberately working with very few clients ensures focus, success and not least that we get our own priorities right too!

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Our Training

We also offer a selection of training courses which enable us to capture and provide our knowledge and experience in a structured manner, to be taken at your own pace and at a lower cost than you would pay for the equivalent via consulting.

Training courses can also be offered with either a consulting component or consulting as a backup should you find you would prefer this throughout the course of your training.

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Our Articles

We have a collection of actionable articles and resources covering 3 main subjects:

  • Lifestyle Design
  • Financial Freedom
  • Business Success

Our articles are entirely free.

We write the articles by drawing on our own knowledge (as life coach and nutritional analyst for Isabelle, as investor and business coach for Alan) and our own experiences. We started this website when we moved from London to a little village in the middle of England (Derbyshire).

We swapped a busy conventional life to a slower paced simple and modest life. Since then, life has truly been too good and we certainly enjoy it a lot more for a lot less money. Life’s Too Good is not just a philosophy. All of the articles in this website come from our own trials and experiences.

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We hope our website will inspire you to make your life what you really want it to be (whatever that looks like for you) and that you’ll enjoy it to the full. You don’t need to move to the countryside for that. Most of it you can incorporate into your own life wherever it is.

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