Our Clients & Testimonials

Here are some testimonials from a small selection of the clients we have worked with. We are very proud of the feedback we have received below and very appreciative to the people below for sharing this feedback.

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Client Testimonials - Jonathan Purchase“Having taken a sabbatical, I was at a cross roads. Alan helped give me clarity on a number of items through his fantastic insights. Having come from industry, Alan knew exactly what I was talking about and came at the situation with a refreshing set of new eyes and ideas. Alan was able to quickly identify the underlying root cause of the issue, which allowed us to talk more about solutions rather than the problem. It was interesting discussing a few relevant theories with Alan and he helped apply them to my situation. It was a pleasure working with Alan and I was extremely appreciative of his support, input and time. I wouldn’t hesitate working with Alan again, and he is now my first point of call with any issues or questions. An invaluable help.”

Jonathan Purchase, Worked in Operations & IT at Investment Banks including JP Morgan, Deutsche Bank & HSBC. Director of 1702 Consulting

Clients & Testimonials - Hany Choueiri“I have no hesitation in highly recommending Alan. Working with Alan has always been a pleasure. His people, technical and management skills are second to none.”

Hany Choueiri, Global Head at Tier-1 Investment Bank & Director & Co-Founder of Attra Partners

Client Testimonials - Thibault Baradat“During the first sessions Isabelle gave me simple tools to clarify my goals. Quickly it was obvious to me what I wanted to be was not in sync with my current activities. Thanks to her listening skills, her values and dedication, Isabelle was able to give me some guidance to shove in the right direction. At every stage Isabelle was precise and prompt. While my goals were mainly professionals and Isabelle previous experience is great help in this area, we always focused on the whole set of my work/family/relationships balance. Her genuine positive outlook was a great help all along. “Being what we want to be” is certainly hard work and that’s the best investment I made in my life so far. I’m glad Isabelle helped me on this path.”

Thibault Baradat, London

Raquel Henson 150x150Thank you so much for your one on one consult Alan. Your experience and insight provided an eye opening opportunity, allowing me to view my goals in a new and visionary way. I walked away from our call feeling more focused and determined to follow my passion. I would be happy to recommend you to anyone who is in need of your experience and expertise.

Raquel Henson, Australia

Client Testimonial - Razwana WahidI contacted Alan because although I was in the fortunate position of having a lot of positive change in my life, I felt like I was losing focus and was unsure of how to process the change. Through the consultation, Alan helped me realise what I wanted to focus on and how to structure my time to make the most of my opportunities. He also gave me some tough-love and food for thought and at the end, my head was clear, as was my view of the next few months. Alan’s style is very fluid and intuitive. In his session, he moved from mentor, to coach, to adviser very easily and was flexible with his approach depending on my needs. ”

Razwana Wahid, Paris

Client Testimonial - John Robinson“Alan is a unique visionary that combines deep technology expertise with business strategy. An admired thinker among his peers and a respected leader by his colleagues.”

John Robinson, Managing Director at GM Convergence (ISP, Telecomms & Digital Marketing)

Clients Testimonials - Hui-Min Toh“In just a short 90-minutes first meeting, Alan gave me highly relevant ideas and insights that opened up new perspectives to the solutions. It was a very refreshing and game-changing experience. I ended our call empowered with a basket of actions to create the results that I have been struggling for. Not only does he offer real value, he does so in a very genuine and sincere way. I would definitely be following up with Alan.”

Hui-Min Toh, Finland/Singapore

CLient Testimonials - Scott Brown“An invaluable chap to have in your team. An enormous breadth of knowledge and experience in his discipline and always forthcoming if you ask for advice or support. This is a guy I’d be happy to work with or FOR anytime !”

Scott Brown, Global Head of IT Architecture & Innovation – Tier-1 Investment Bank

Life's Too Good Client Testimonials - Killian“Alan was a team lead on a challenging assignment with a tricky client when we both working with Detica/MA Partners. Not only did he do an great job at managing the team but he also excelled at managing the client and in particular their ever changing list of deliverables. Drawing on his extensive project management experience, Alan was able to explain the client what was necessary for the project to deliverable and what was superfluous and ultimately would be a waste of the clients resources. It is times like these that project and client managers show their true value and I would very happily work with Alan again and recommend him to others.”

Killian Clifford, Mobile Payments Strategy & Implementation Consultant

“I very much enjoyed my sessions with Isabelle and found them more and more beneficial each week. I was forced to bring many subconscious thoughts to the conscious and to examine them and find out if they were affecting my behaviour. This was very useful to me, especially at this time in my life which I will no doubt look back on in years to come as a significant turning point. Isabelle’s manner was perfect, she is a great listener, remembers well what you have said and challenges what may appear to be contradictions so that you can better understand yourself. ”

Emily Jaillat, France

“Came into contact with Alan many times whilst I was at Deutsche. Great guy. Always very helpful. Was very highly regarded by all his colleagues.”

Micheal Grabsky, Developer at Tier-1 Investment Bank & Computer Software Consultant

“Isabelle has natural ‘people’ skills, and her positive energy is infectious! Her work is well structured; she is punctual and well organized. If a life coach is someone who believes in your abilities and can help you set clear goals towards achieving the life you want, then Isabelle is certainly a great life coach.”

Gilly Rezard, London

“I met Alan while attending the MSP training sessions and we have been close associates since. We share interests in promoting excellence in Programme/Project Management as well as networking with professionals we know. Alan epitomises the professional Programme Manager.”

Ron Tucker, Chief Information Officer, QA Training and Consulting

“Thank you Isabelle. You’re very good at what you’re doing. I don’t easily talk about myself. What we’ve done together has helped me tremendously… ”

Jean-Robin Falzon, Antibes