Listen In On A 1-2-1 Consulting Call…

Each of the following excerpts have been taken from 1-2-1 Consulting calls and are provided upon request only and with the permission of the client. Clients may be referred to by first name only in the calls and their company names have been omitted from the calls for reasons of confidentiality.

We provide consulting on many different topics so a few different examples have been included below. Pick the topic that you’re most interested in or feel free to request them all!

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The first call is with a business owner who has already found success but had reached a ‘plateau’ in his business, not achieving the kind of growth he felt his business should be capable of, despite having had encouraging conversations with some very influential people. We explore that a little.

Excerpt 1 (5 mins): “How To Influence and Build Referential Authority via Networking”

Some people find that even though they have been very successful ‘offline’, whether in the corporate world or just selling face-to-face, they have tremendous difficulty translating this success to the ‘online’ world where business and business relationships are a little more virtual.

When a client asked me the same question, I figured it might be something worth sharing. If you’re in a similar situation, you might learn something valuable if you were to ‘eavesdrop’ on our session.

Excerpt 2 (10 mins): “The Difference Between Building Credibility Online vs Offline”

The next excerpt has been heavily edited to pull out of a longer discussion around pricing the parts of the conversation related to whether or not coaches and consultants should offer a free initial session (otherwise it would be a very long excerpt). This is a common question asked by a lot of new coaches and whilst the excerpt doesn’t show the part of the discussion we had around perceived value, it does touch on the importance of pre-qualifying your clients which is also a very important concept.

Excerpt 3 (3 mins): “I’m A Coach: Should I Offer A Free Initial Consultation?”