Small Business Solutions

LTG Consulting is an online lifestyle and business design consultancy with a focus on getting you results. We help individuals, organizations and individuals in organizations (whether small business owners or employees).

Small Business Solutions

Working with small businesses we have covered a wide variety of work, from helping to ‘fix’ technical and business problems, to relationship and diplomatic assignments, to marketing and increasing sales, to building websites.

Depending upon the assignment and duration, the pricing and terms of the contract can vary but would usually be either on an hourly or daily rate or agreed via a statement of work outlining deliverables on a fixed price basis.

As requirements can vary considerably we generally start with a simple enquiry and then explore this further if we think it’s something we can help with.

If you have any requirements at all, we may be able to help or point you in the right direction – please take a couple of moments to complete our simple enquiry form and we can explore further.