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Wealth and achieving financial freedom is about more than just money – above all it’s about living within your means. It’s about investment, not just in monetary terms but also in your financial education, in your assets which include your own skills, knowledge and education as well as your relationships (i.e. not just your material assets).

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Procrastination: Wait for it … How To Avoid Procrastination

I’m writing this article based upon a conversation I had with one of my readers this week, who told me that the thing they struggle with most is procrastination. Procrastination is indeed a terrible thing. It’s evil and ugly, sulky and heavy. It weighs down on you and it gets in the way of all of your plans. I can say with absolute confidence that the reader I just mentioned is far from being the only one with this problem. There are millions of people out there who to a greater or lesser degree have a problem with procrastination, because, … Read The Full Article …

Making Investments: 9 Important Questions to Ask When Making An Investment

Have you ever lost money through bad investments or bad choices? I have. A few war-wounds later and now that I have a few successful investments under my belt, I’d like to share with you in this article what experience has taught me are important considerations when making any investment. Particularly which questions to ask. Here are 9 questions I think it’s essential that you ask to validate your investment before pulling the trigger. NOTE: An investment is not necessarily something big, you can ask these questions for any investment from buying a jar of coffee (though the impact of … Read The Full Article …

How Much Should I Pay for a Life Coach?

How much should I pay for a Life Coach? Well, that’s a good question. The quick answer is anything between £40 to £250 in the UK or $60 to $300 in the US for a 45 to 50 minute session. Sessions can be in person but are also often given by phone (you generally pay for the phone call too) or via video conferencing. Often, coaches offer packages whereby you can pay in advance for 4 or 6 sessions at a slightly reduced rate or they bill you on a monthly basis. Some coaches also offer a money-back-garantee on the … Read The Full Article …